Montreal Muslim Olympics

I would like to publish the announcement of MMO directly from their own web-site. So far, I did not receive any news in mass media. -Sertaç S. K.
Life is a collection of doors and roads that we alone can choose to open or explore. For those compelled to explore the boundaries of their imagination and abilities, the Montreal Muslim Olympics offers an amazing opportunity to answer the question “How good do I want to be?”
Come and challenge yourself against some of the top Muslim athletes around the city, or just come by and enjoy a weekend of fun and games with your brothers and sisters. Either way there will be 500 athletes ready to compete in an all out sports battle to determine who will be the next MMO champions!Everyone is welcome! You don’t have to hoop-it-up like Kareem Abdul Jabbar or be the next Zinedine Zidane to show up and have a good time. And if athletics are not your Strong points, you can always drop by to help out or support your fellow Muslims!
If you’re ready to take part in the best Muslim sports event this summer just click the link and register at http://www.muslimolympics.ca/
The 3rd annual Muslim Olympics (formerly known as Inter-MSA Olympics), will be held May 30th and 31st , 2009 in the McGill Sports complex.
Inshallah we will see each and every one of you there!
Source: http://www.muslimolympics.ca/mmo2009/