Women, Get Set, Go! At Madani High School

Muslim girls at an Islamic Faith School in Leicester prove sport and religion can mix with the Women, Get Set, Go! course from Sports Leaders UK.

This year, a group of Muslim girls at Madani High School have been given the opportunity to get involved in sport through a leadership award offered by Sports Leaders UK.

Women, Get Set, Go! is a personal development programme that has been specifically designed for women and girls aged 14 and over. The course encourages women to communicate with confidence, value their own skills, understand how the world of sport and leadership works, and to develop a personal action plan for their future involvement in sports leadership.

The course, which the Islamic Faith School started in January 2010, is delivered weekly, at lunchtimes to 15 enthusiastic girls, and it is already seeing some very positive results.

Miss Shakes, PE Teacher at Madani High School said: "It is hard for Muslim girls and women to get involved in sport because of cultural boundaries. Muslim women must follow their faith by not engaging in mixed gender sports and by observing a dress code. This consists of covering their hair and wearing modest clothing, including covering their arms and legs. This course helped in overcoming some of these barriers."

These girls at Madani High School are learning new skills in leadership, sport and communication, which will help them to progress and achieve a higher and wider range of expertise that will be reflected through all aspects of their lives.

"Candidates are thoroughly enjoying the Women, Get Set, Go! course and are keen to get more Muslim females involved in sport", said Miss Shakes.

Source: http://www.sportsleaders.org/whats-happening-in-your-region/west-midlands/women,-get-set,-go!-at-madani-high-school.aspx