The Islamic Federation of Women Sport (IFWS) Is Shut Down Due to Budget Cuts

Fararu - The Islamic Federation of Women['s] Sport (IFWS) [http://www.ifws.org/], headed by Faezeh Hashmi, was shut down due to the National Olympics Committee not paying it's budget.
The IFWS announced in a statement that the federation's budget, which should be allocated based on clause 16 of article 3 of the statue of the National Olympics Committee, has not been payed since the beginning of the current [Persian] year [March 21st]. Also the contracts of four employees of this office have not been extended, unlike previous years, and the rest of personnel have been summoned to the [National Olympics] committee, leaving the office with no practical means to continue its activities.

The statement continues: it is an obvious fact that this federation does not belong to Faezeh Hashemi [footnote: A reference to the possibility that these events may be politically motivated by those who oppose Faezeh Hashemi, and her father, former president Hashemi Rafsanjani.], but it belongs to Muslim women in Iran and throughout the world who have been able to reclaim part of their neglected rights directly or indirectly through the activities of this federation and its effects all over the world .

This federation was officially founded in a meeting of the executive board of the National Olympics Committee in 1990 and should have been funded by this Committee based on it's statue.
Source: http://www.ifws.org/, Translated by Sara Khoshid Doost