Algerian Azzedine Chibani, Houda Laaroum win Tunis semi-marathon

TUNIS- Algerian runner Azzedine Chibani won the semi-marathon which held on Monday in Tunis, finishing the 21km in 1h 6m 41s, while in women race, victory went to the Algerian runner Houda Laaroum (1h 27m 43s). Abla Ben Debbah has in turn been ranked 2nd in the 42.195 km marathon with a time of 3h 02m 03s, first place went to the Moroccan Amina Mhih (2h 56m 15s), while the Tunisian Mahbouba Belgacem (3h 08m 44s) was awarded third place. Men's event title was won by Kenyan Philip Makau Muia (2h 28m 51s). Makau Muia ranked ahead of his compatriot Anthony Nzomo (2h 37m 04s) and the Tunisian Mokhtar Baccouche (2h 55m 08s). This edition, held under the theme "Sport and Environment for Sustainable Development", saw the participation of 2500 Arab, African and European athletes.
Source: http://info.endz.co.cc/2010/10/algerian-azzedine-chibani-houda-laaroum.html