Call for Papers: Football (soccer) in the Middle East

We invite scholarly essays, poetry, fiction, and art about the history and culture of football in the Middle East for a special issue of the journal Soccer and Society. This collection will also be incorporated as a book in Routledge’s Sport in the Global Society series. We are looking for creative, analytical, and loving treatments of the game, which is an essential part of many Middle Eastern societies’ cultural and political fabric, as evidenced by the way the recent successes of the Iraqi national team suggested possibilities of unity and solidarity.
Our work will be regional in scope and diverse in form- the first in any language where football in this entire region is explored, and will engage both sports fans and readers with an interest in Middle Eastern affairs.
We approach our subject with a critical lens but also with the sense of fun and wonder that the game provides so generously to all. We bring to the task the same loving care that Hakan Şükür employed when striking the ball and the passion of a Zamalek- Al Ahly Cairo derby.

Submissions can address the following multifaceted connections between football and society, but are not limited to them:
* Historical development in specific countries
* The impact of colonialism, independence and globalization
* National and individual identities
* Representations in film, art, literature
* Religious beliefs and practices
* Movements for social change
* Women overcoming patriarchal barriers, and the game as a gateway for independence and dignity
* Issues of class, race, and gender
* Daily life
* The Historiography of the game
* Groups traditionally omitted from accounts of the game such as the Kurds and Berbers
* Migration of players and the economics of the game
* Media
* Heroes- players that capture the imagination of many and embody their values and aspirations
* Dreams.

Recognizing the history and political implications of the term “Middle East,” for the purpose of this collection the region extends from Morocco to Afghanistan.

Please send proposals of approximately 250 words and a CV by December 1st 2010 to all the editors as Microsoft Word attachments. If your proposal is accepted, the final work will be due by March 1st 2011, for publication. For style and format guidelines of scholarly essays please consult the Soccer and Society website http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/title~db=all~content=t713636451~tab=submit~mode=paper_submission_instructions

Thank you and all the best on the playing fields of football and life.

Issam Khalidi iskhalidi55@hotmail.com
James Montague james_montague@hotmail.com
Alon Raab akraab@ucdavis.edu
Issam Khalidi iskhalidi55@hotmail.com
James Montague james_montague@hotmail.com
Alon Raab akraab@ucdavis.edu

Email: akraab@ucdavis.edu