"I'm probably the only one who has run Copenhagen Marathon with a veil"

Veil.  It started with a cycling tour around Denmark.  And now Inaam Abou-Khadr would like to inspire other ethnic girls to exercise.  - Photo: Per Munch
Direct copy of google translation from Danish
She's spent. Well used. When she crossed the line at Islands Brygge after 5 hours and 50 minutes. But she is also proud because she was the only woman with an immigrant background and the veil did must. With only two months of training.
"I come from 'bog' (Vollsmose in Odense), and there are not many immigrants traveling with the veil there. And 42 km, at least they did not run, "said Inaam Abou-Khadra, who read Political Science at SDU in Odense.
"People think it must be mighty hot and uncomfortable, and yes, I will run more clothes than other women, but you will find the out what works for one. So the problem is not practical, it is probably more a question that many ethnic did not think of race as a sport for them. "
Pat on the back
The Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon, she has only marked positive response.
"People have patted me on the shoulder, and said that it was well done."
Inaam Abou-Khadra got even a taste for the more extreme as some girlfriends last year lured her out and bike around Denmark. 'Completely crazy', she says.
Towards new horizons
But next year she wants to ride with Team Rynkeby to Paris.
And she will have her sisters to pedaling. She is involved in a voluntary project in 'bog' where 10-15 year olds to go out and cycling to lose weight.
"It's the way to health, both for ordinary Danes and immigrants'.