Apologies for the Delay, and Welcome to Dr Samaya Farooq

Dear Followers of Muslim Women in Sports Blog,
Please accept my apologies for the one month break. As devoted followers may know, it was such an unusual incident for this blog. I was hospitalized for approximately two weeks, due to two surgeries in row on my right lung.
2011-11-14 08.17.46.jpg
I am much better now and you shall soon begin receiving news about Muslim Sportswomen around the world.
Also, Dr Samaya Farooq is now a member of this blog. Dr Farooq is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Gloucestershire. She will start sharing news with you. She is also an Advisory Board member to the ‘Centre for Sport and Spirituality’, and placement tutor for the ‘Sport Malawi’ initiative. Welcome to Dr Farooq!
Dr Samaya Farooq