An Islamic Opinion: "The Integration between Sports and Islam

 The Integration between Sports and Islam
Sports and Islam have relevance and be consistent when done accordance Islamic rules and laws applicable
Exercise a key factor in order to be a healthy and strong body to perform various activities. In Islam, the sport not only intended to make the body healthy, but it can execute its obligations as a good Muslim. The Integration between Sport and Islam is that God commands all the activities to be carried out in accordance with the Muslims should the rules and teachings of God such as, start and end activity with prayer.
Along with the changing times many people around the world that have talent in sports and able to become Muslim Athletes that runs in the rules and norms of Islam. One’s faith able to provide strength and encouragement in performing duties and activity properly and perfectly. Not denied that many Muslim Athletes that have demonstrated outstanding achievement and became character that counts in world sport.
Based on the teachings of Islam teaches that Muslims should not rely on human power because it is not eternal, but must be balanced with a strong faith. The abilities of the Muslim Athletes are a gift from God so that in all every success must always give thanks and pray to Allah. Religious diversity, especially in the sports field became a challenge for Muslim Athletes to show that Muslims can gain achievements in various sports.
The expected relationship between Islamic countries can be further strengthened to become a place for the entire Muslim Athletes world in order to communicate, make friends and exchange ideas about Islam. Sports become a means of achievement for every athlete, whether Muslim or nonMuslim athletes to compete fairly.
It said in the teachings of Islam that unlawful if the Muslim Athletes in a manner that does not comply with Islamic teachings such as, doping or drug use to increase stamina during a match. Islamic law says that a Muslim must possess an honest, knowledgeable, devout worship, believe in the power of God and not do anything that should not be done according to Islamic rules. The use of drugs and doping to increase stamina and certainly contrary to the rules of Islamic law, so cursed ifMuslim Athletes do the humble, and not trust the power of God.
In Islamic law, Muslim athletes should become a model for other Muslims around the world in accordance with the teachings of Islam. It says that the teachings of the religion of Islam and sporting activities can consistent, as many Islamic activities that need strong stamina. Currently, many Muslims who misunderstand the purpose of jihad and acts of violence causing unpleasant to others especially to non-Muslims.
Jihad in the modern era can be done various kinds such as, achieving success for the Muslim Athletes and the pride of a nation, strive to provide the proper understanding of Islamic teachings and others. In essence, sport and Islam became consistent when done accordance with the principles and the teachings of Islam.