Aghan Women's Boxing Team Denied Entry To UK For Women's Day Tournament


In a tournament leading up to International Women's Day, Afghan boxing team comprised of Sadaf Rahem, Fahima Mohammad, and Shabnam Rahman were denied entry to UK. Women in Sport (recognized Women in Sport advocacy and empowerment group in UK) who were supporting and funding their visit were extremely disappointed.

“I am extremely disappointed. We are made to believe that avenues, especially here in the UK, are opening up to people such as Sadaf Rahem, Fahima Mohammad and Shabnam Rahman, who are trying to pursue their sporting dreams. There has been much talk of the legacy of the Olympics and rights for women in sport, but today, it is not the case for these women.” -Margaret Pope, Women in Sport

Even more disappointing after "Boxing Girls of Kabul" documentary film featuring these women and their fight and plight for athletics in Afghanistan, recently won an award at Canadian Screen Awards- further  highlighting their passion.

How excellent are UK authorities in their precautions!