Sign The Petition: Allow girls & women to play Football wearing the proper Headscarfs - Hijab

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Allow girls & women to play Football wearing Headscarfs
Why This Is Important
During youth Olympics Football Tournament in Singapore 2010, FIFA & the executive committee issued that players couldn’t not wear a headscarf - Hijab, However the players may wear a cap that covers the players heads to the hairline, but does not extend below the ears to cover the neck
Girls and Women from many countries were affected by the following decision and were not allowed to play, which was a painful moment to the players from Jordan, Palestine ,Bahrain and Iran during the Olympics Qualification Rounds 2011.
This petition was done to show the community support to women wearing Headscarfs – Hijab playing football. We need everyones support in this petition to be sent to FIFA and to hope FIFA will reconsider this decision and allow us to play with the Headscarf
خلال دورة الالعاب الاولمبية للشابات 2010 في سنغافورة،أصدرت اللجنة التنفيذية و الفيفا قرار بمنع اللاعبات من ارتداءالحجاب ، و يجوز للاعبات ارتداء قبعة تغطي رأس اللاعبة ، ولكن لا تمتد أسفل الأذنين لتغطية الرقبة.
 والفيفا ستصدر قرارا نهائيا مارس 2012 في هذه المسألة، ونحن بهذه العريضة نتمنى جمع اكبر عدد من الاصوات لنبين دعم المجتمع لسمح ارتداء الحجاب في جميع مباريات كرة القدم المحلية والدولية


  • International Football Association Board
  • Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)
  • Irish Football Association
  • The Football Association of Wales
  • Scottish Football Association

  • Special Thanks to Dr Martha Saavedra