FIFA Vice President Prince Ali Awarded "Special Recognition" by Muslim Women's Sport Foundation

Jordan Women's National Football Team players Reema Ramoniah and Stephanie Al Naber, accepted the Muslim Women's Sport Foundation's ‘Special Recognition’ Award on behalf of HRH Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, FIFA Vice President representing Asia. 

The Award recognizes Prince Ali’s contribution toward advancing Muslim women’s sport. 

The Muslim Women’s Sport Foundation’s event, held at Wembley Stadium and supported by the Football Association, recognized global efforts by sports leaders and athletes to increase Muslim woman's participation in sports worldwide.

“I would like to thank the Muslim Women’s Sport Foundation for this award. I am truly humbled by this special recognition," Prince Ali said in remarks delivered by Ramounei and Naber.

"It is with your support as believers in and advocates of the right of all women to participate in the sport they love, that we were able to reach a positive outcome at IFAB where all members approved the proposal to allow women football players to wear a headscarf on the pitch. We are waiting for the final ratification in July, which I am confident, we will achieve, especially given the available safe and tested designs,” he added.

In closing, Prince Ali dedicated this award to “the players, particularly, women players worldwide for their dedication to this beautiful game.”

Both Ramoniah and Naber played a leading role in the "Let Us Play Football" campaign earlier this year. The campaign, which garnered more than 65,000 supporters on Facebook, represented the players’ perspective on the headscarf in football urging decision-makers to lift the ban.