MWSF Statement on FIFA Overturn Hijab Ban

Statement from Muslim Women's Sport Foundation (MWSF)

The MWSF welcomes the decision to overturn the ban on the hijab in football.  The effects of this ban were felt across the world and were not just limited to the game of football so we are delighted that this wise decision has been made.  We would like to thank IFAB and FIFA in this regard and also the English FA, particularly the Chairman David Bernstein for his leadership on this issue, and HRH Prince Ali and his team for their extensive work in this area.

The MWSF has been working with Muslim women from many countries for over ten years and we have seen the passion that these women hold for sport.  We have also worked closely with governing bodies to ensure that sport truly is for all.  We have successfully produced female players, coaches, referees and volunteers throughout this time in a safe and fun environment and so the decision from IFAB is one which reflects what we have known since our organisation was formed.

The decision to wear the hijab is one that millions of women across the world take during their lives and they do so believing that their opportunities in life will not be impacted.  One's faith should not be a barrier to participation in sport due to the Laws of the Game and we look forward now to these women being able to take part at all levels of this beautiful game with the support of the world governing body.  We also look forward to everyone, male and female, of all faiths being enabled and supported to also be free to match their passions for both their faith and sport.
Source: Muslim Women's Sport Foundation http://www.mwsf.org.uk/