Tasteless jokes about football video games to justify Violence Against Women


I'm not a much of a recreational gamer. I have never been interested in video games. I don't like simulating life when one can be OUT there actually living it. Why play NBA or NHL when one can go outside or to a gym and engage in real play? It's logical not to mention much better for one's health. I don't like gratuitous violence and don't appreciate kids "pretending" to kill people in popular games. Learning strategy, planning and hand-eye coordination is important but I find them anti-social and isolating.
That being said, I recognize I am from a different generation (remember board games?!?). 
Furthermore, there is much debate regarding how video games are beneficial for people to relieve tension, many advances in technological industry and how there may be other factors contributing to bad grades and depression in youth.
Any popular activity whether it be dancing, music, sport has the chance to become a video game. Within this industry there are also roles that women have. From what I have seen, the avatars for most video games that female players may choose are not diverse, offer little choice when selecting a "body-type" and are fairly stereotypical (white, large-chested yet thin woman).
In addition, most major sports games such as NBA, NHL, FIFA, do not have female player options. There are few games (aside from tennis and extreme beach volleyball) from amazon  that girls can choose to play and have their gender represented. Even sports gaming blogs have started to comment on this subject .
Furthermore, there is such a tremendous history of misogyny related to men's sport, gaming and in reporting and marketing in general. 
As an avid footballer and fan I was most disgusted to see the sexist tweets from from the official (yes, official) twitter account of EURO 2012 I watched the rather dull match between Portugal and Germany in early June 2012. 
(I immediately responded to the tweet expressing my disgust. My comment is below pic).
The first half was quite disappointing in play and result so the "journalist" decided to add some flavour to their commentary. Both offensive and absurd. Her outfit and appearance had absolutely nothing to do with the match, style of play or field on-goings (other than the Portugal scarf she was waving). That particular twitter account has since been deleted as the event is over. But to have an "official" twitter representative of a huge football event only including women in the coverage as sexualized objects is in such bad taste. The commentary and portrayal of her in the stands is cheap and sexist. I am sure there were many more fans there that day. But that this account chose to show this one as the only female to be seen during this match is telling of how much work the Sports Community must do to recognize and respect women as fans and players. 
Most recently there was tremendous criticism of the way that Women's Beach volleyball was photographed and represented during the London 2012 Olympic games. 
Although these two examples highlight clear examples of obvious biases in sports journalism, they do not go far enough to endorse violence and abuse of women.
Earlier this week, I saw a tweet from an account to which I follow (https://twitter.com/EverydaySexism). EverydaySexism tweets the experiences of women who must endure offensive comments, looks and situations that most of the community takes for granted and considers normal. When we read these pieces we are reminded how sexism is ingrained into the fabric of society.  
The request was to contact the account (https://twitter.com/Footy_Jokes) and ask that they apologize and remove the a tweet and disturbing image immediately. 

The picture was extremely graphic and upsetting. I have worked with abused women and their families and was horrified. This image reduces the effect of violence. It blatantly disregards so many factors regardiung the victim such as socio-economic struggles and emotional trauma. It portrays gamers as male-only, abusive, ranging barbarians who may ignore legal ramifications. It illustrates that a woman can not express her feelings about a relationship if it oversteps interferes with the latest, greatest gaming product. It perpetrates that a female partner in a relationship is not as worthy as the newest video game on the market.
Most horrifically, it shows that if she says something one may not agree with it is fine to bash her teeth out.
The https://twitter.com/Footy_Jokes account has over 195,000 followers on twitter many of whom are young men. It is not only condoning violence in the name of a video game but encouraging it. 
As depicted in the above illustration, there were many retweets of the image. One can assume that a retweeted image is an endorsement of the tweet, unless specifically stating otherwise. That almost 1000 people found this cartoon to be comical is mortifying at best. 
Since this post, the image has been removed from the account. It was not endorsed by the designers/ creators of the video game. They did not acknowledge or speak our against it. It is possible that it was removed before they were notified.  
Understandably there were millions of men and women who waited for the demo release of FIFA 2013 on Sept.11, 2012. To unofficially market the game through joking about violence against women is reckless and irresponsible particularly when this year has been such an exciting time for women's football. The London 2012 Olympics showed some spectacular athletes and level of play as did the more unknown South Asian Football Federation Women's Cup tournament
To reduce many accomplishments by relating's women's participation in football and fandom to such a disgusting image is disrespectful to millions of people- and the sport itself. 
It is very dangerous and setting a terrible precedent. Using a such a serious epidemic as Violence Against Women as the butt of jokes is not funny. 
Speaking up and out against Violence against Women is an important step. 
Letting media outlets and social media know that this will not be tolerated and mocked is necessary.
To educate and eradicate we must be sure that people understand that no sport, no match, no virtual reality, no fantasy league will ever justify hitting a woman.