FIFA decides on Hijab Design

Football's world governing body FIFA met to decide the design of the official hijab for women.
The traditional Islamic headscarf was approved for use in July by the governing body, allowing women to wear a sport-specific headscarf. 
And there has been a competition on how the hijabs will look like.
This interview takes place before the decision with Montreal based fashion designer Elham Sayed Javad hopes  her design, one of the two studied  on soccer fields around the world, gets the approval.
Today she announced the good news with her fans that one of her designs receives approval.
Javad called her prototype's role in the decision the "biggest thing that I could have achieved".
Her soccer hijab uses a custom-made magnetic system that allows it to be opened and released instantly, if the headscarf is pulled from anywhere around the neck.
Al Jazeera's Daniel Lak reports from Montreal.