Saudi Arabia To Allow Women to Ride Bikes...for fun only.


Saudi Arabia has made more progress in women’s participation in athletics. This week they allowed Women’s Sports clubs despite previous concerns of girls exercising, potentially tearing their hymens.  

That Saudi women will be allowed to ride bicycles and motorbikes is fascinating and perhaps a sign of softening their conservative expectations of women’s behaviour and activity in public.

That female riders be modestly dressed and accompanied by a male relative is a requirement.
Could this be a step towards driving perhaps? Increased mobility and public exposure of women moving themselves, so to speak.
Furthermore, the bikes may only be used for entertainment purpose in park and not for, um, transportation. Yes, seriously.
I’m sure that getting from point A to point B for entertainment and pleasure only is exactly what the women riders are looking forward to.
Regardless of what triggered this new development in Saudi society, I look forward to seeing many women hit the road...for fun.
I wonder if helmets are a requirement...
Critical Mass anyone?


More on this story and the reactions from Saudi Arabia: http://stream.aljazeera.com/story/201304022007-0022651