Implications of Islam on Muslim Girls' Sport Participation in Western Europe. Literature Review and Policy Recommendations for Sport Promotion

Authors: Paul de Knop; Marc Theeboom; Helena Wittock; Kristine de Martelaer
To date, limited attention has been paid to the relationship of young female Muslims in Western Europe and sport. However as the present review will reveal, this relationship can be described as problematic and therefore needs specific attention. On the one hand, research has indicated that most of these girls have a positive attitude towards sport. While on the other hand, their actual level of sport participation is very low in comparison to other youngsters. It is often stated that this discrepancy is caused by the fact that sport participation is highly restricted by Islamic living rules especially for females. And yet a number of authors have argued that Islam does not obstruct females' sport participation. The present paper attempts to provide more insight in a number of characteristics of the relationship between Islam and the sport participation of Muslim girls who live in Western Europe. Finally, some recommendations for a sport promotion policy and future research directions are formulated.
Published in: Sport, Education and Society, Volume 1, Issue 2 October 1996 , pages 147 - 164
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