Iranian Female Players' Right to Unveil

This is one of the few posts in MWS blog, authored by the blog owner. I have been sharing updated information on FIFA ban (recently lifted) and on Saudi Arabia both of which are related to Muslim women's right to play, in different aspects. However, by looking at the news published in mass media, I also realized that there isn't much said about compulsory hijab rule valid for Iranian players. MWS calls Iranian government for allowing their players to unveil, if they want to. The female players should not face with any charges if they play without headscarf, during London Olympics 2012.
Muslim Women in Sports blog supports Iranian female olympians' right to unveil.


نسرین said...

excellent! thank you sertaj for paying attention to this importnt aspect of suppression of iranian sport women (not just football players).

Anonymous said...

Wow! nice functions. Thanks for the informations.Islam in qatar



Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! I teach many young Muslim women in Manchester PE & the thought of unveiling scares them, but it shouldn't. A great cause to support!

sertac sehlikoglu said...

I think what we should really teach young women is to empower themselves. veiling or unveiling should remain as their choice, don't you think? the reason I started the cause is because hijab is compulsory in Iranian case, not by choice.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sertac,

I am from an organisation called Small Media, which works on helping the free flow of information from closed societies, working primarily on Iran. We are about to start publishing a series on Iranian women's sports, the first instalment of which is about Iranian women's sport from the 1850's - the 1979 revolution. This will be published before the opening ceremony of the Olympics on Friday. This will be followed by reports looking at the post-revolutionary period, and western media's reactions, rhetoric and responses to Iranian female athletes. We were wondering if you would be interested in syndicating these reports, as they are very relevant to what you write about here. I am happy to explain more, and provide the text of our first report which will be published on storify.com, if you are interested. Please do contact me at shaina@smallmedia.org.uk. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Even if I don 't like to see women with a scarf on their heads, my opinion is that they must be free to choise if they want or not.

sertac sehlikoglu said...

Too bad, nobody should have the right force anything on other, even the captain/coach of the team..
So you are not very different than the Iranian attitude: they enforce veil, you enforce unveiling. Both are disgraceful

Anonymous said...

Dear Sertaç,

Thank you so much for your interesting blog. I'm not muslim, but I'm a women and I've been working in some muslim countries were I have dearest friends. I completely agree with you: "we should really teach young women is to empower themselves. veiling or unveiling should remain as their choice".

And in fact this should be our aim in ALL the countries with ALL the women. We need to empower ourselves and stay together for our common objectives and better future.

Kind regards,

sertac sehlikoglu said...

Thank you Sofia,
It's always refreshing to hear feminist supportive voices!