National Women Football Championship today

LAHORE: Iranian Women footballers team will show their skills when fifth National Women Football Championship will be held from 29 July-11 August 2009. It will be fifth time in succession that Islamabad’s Jinnah Stadium, that hosted final of 1989 and 2004 SAF Games, has been preferred for the annual women event.
According to Robina Irfan, Chairperson of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)’s Women Wing, the attraction of the event will be inclusion of Iranian team in same way as 2007 when Afghanistan returned home with silver medals. “Four top teams of second National women club football Championship – holders Young Rising Star Women Football Club (YRSWFC), Balochistan United, Karachi’s Diya Club, Lahore’s Sports Sciences Department of Punjab University – have already joined Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, NWFP, Northern Areas, FATA, Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Islamabad,Pakistan WAPDA, Pakistan Police. The 16-team frame will be completed when Manager’s Meeting will decide the 16th team.
“Countries like Pakistan are free to promote women’s soccer within the limits of their culture and religion. FIFA gave freedom to the individual countries to develop this sport among their womenfolk within the prescribed parameters of their culture and religion," said Irfan, adding that due to commitment, dedication of PFF President Faisal Saleh Hayat women soccer is finding respectable position in Pakistan’s sports. It is his Herculean efforts due to which AFC had promoted him to Chairmanship of AFC Disciplinary Committee.
Punjab won the inaugural event in 2005 under superb coaching of Gujranwala-born Abdul Hafeez Malik, followed by WAPDA’s triumph in 2006. Then came the turn of University and a club to snatch golds : Lahore’s Sports Sciences Department in 2007 and Young Rising Star WFC in 2008.
She called PFF President’s work on Women soccer a milestone. "PFF has made great strides in women’s football under PFF chief. His decision to hire a full-time administrator dedicated to the women’s game has helped to open up competition and education doors for female footballers and officials in the country," said Robina, who is also member of POA and Islamic Federation of Women Sport (IFWS)’s Medicine Committee.
Also Balochistan Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs, Robina added "FIFA is keen to develop women’s football in all countries but nations like Pakistan could retain their traditions like women-only spectators, players wearing full trousers instead of shorts, etc. In Iran, women play and enjoy football while wearing full Hijab,"
"PFF will conduct fifth national women championship, with organizers hoping the event will inspire up-and-coming female footballers in the Muslim country. With the unprecedented patronage of the PFF, the senior footballers hope the event will create huge interest in the new generation. concluded Robina.