MW Sports Interview Series Begin With Prof Homa Hoodfar

MW Sports is honored to begin the new project, "MW Sports Interview Series" with Prof. Homa Hoodfar
Who is Homa Hoodfar? Prof Hoodfar is an anthropology professor at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada and is the coordinator of the Iran Module of the Women and Law programme of Women Living Under Muslim Laws Network.Hoodfar has conducted field research on development and social change issues in Egypt and Iran, with an emphasis on gender, households, work and international migration in the Middle East. Further key research areas are women and Islam, and codification of Muslim family laws in the Middle East, Muslim dress code in diaspora, and the impact of long term forced migration on family structure and gender relations on Afghan refugees in Iran and Pakistan. She is an activist feminist and a prominent anthropologist working on issues related to empowerment of women in Muslim world, with geographic focus on Iran, Afghanistan and Egypt. 
  • MW Sports: Prof. Hoodfar, Thank you for joining this interview project. It is very precious to begin our interview series with you, as you are the pioneering mentor of MW Sports Blog. How have you become interested in Sports in the lives of Muslim women? Why sports?
  • MW Sports: Is your interest related to your feminist concerns regarding the empowerment of women in the Middle East?
  • MW Sports: Iranian women started becoming very active in sports. Their participation is particularly influencing the success of their country in international games as well. How do you explain the interest?
  • MW Sports: You have organized a symposium three years ago in Montreal, during which we first worked together. It was very welcomed by Western public. Why have you decided to organize a conference focusing specifically on Muslim women in sports? Have you achieved your goals?
  • MW Sports: What are your future plans?
This first interview is also submitted to Dr Sara Shneiderman, as visual anthropology project for my PhD program in social anthropology at the University of Cambridge - Sertaç Sehlikoglu.

The Short biography of Prof Hoodfar is taken from http://www.muslimreviewonline.net/wiki/index.php?title=Category:Hoodfar,_Homa