FIFA Women’s World Cup

Photos and Piece, By Claudia WIENS

Photo: Claudia Wiens
The FIFA Women’s World Cup is recognized as the most important International competition in women’s football and is played amongst women’s national football teams of the member states of FIFA, the sport’s global governing body. 2011 it is taking place for the first time in Germany. From 26th June to 17th July sixteen teams will compete at the World Cup finals. The Women’s World Cup 2011 is poised to mark a milestone in competitive women’s football with unparalleled coverage on television in terms of both production and distribution. Underlining the huge strides the women’s game has made in recent years, for the first time ever the FIFA broadcast production will comprise up to 18 cameras for selected matches, including in-goal cameras and two steadycams for all matches.
Photo: Claudia Wiens
Not only the famous teams need media support and visibility but also less known teams should get some of the spotlight. Since 2006 I have been documenting women’s football in Egypt, Palestine, Turkey and Berlin. This summer the photos will be shown in many photo exhibitions and they will be published in my new book “Schuhgröße 37″ (Size 4 Boots), a book in four languages, German, English, Arabic and Turkish.
You can order the book from any online bookshop, e.g. http://www.weltbild.de/3/16761008-1/buch/schuhgroesse-37.html

Berlin: Kreuzbergmuseum, Opening 15th June, 6pm. 15th June to 28th August
Istanbul: Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi, Opening 21st June, 7pm. 21st June to 17th July
Cairo: Sawy Center (Organised by Goethe Institute), Opening 25th June, 7pm. 25th June to 5th July.

The exhibition will be shown as well by the Goethe Institutes in Upper Egypt, Algiers, Khartoum, Ramallah, Beirut, Amman, Damascus and maybe other places. Exact dates need to be confirmed.
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